2020 Amazon Fees

You may not know exactly what your current Amazon fees are. To help you budget for the coming months, you can read the list of 2020 Amazon fees.

Every seller wants to know the cost of selling on Amazon. That's why we wanted to share the current 2020 Amazon fees and costs.

Current Amazon Fees for Third Party Sellers

2020 Monthly Subscription Fee

As the name suggests, this fee must be paid every month, even if you do not have an order. It is a region specific fee for resellers with a professional sales plan. However, merchants with consolidated accounts only pay once. Pro Merchant Amazon fees for 2020 on Amazon.com are $ 39.99 per month.

Individual (Basic) resellers do not share this. Instead, they pay a $ 0.99 product fee on each sale. However, if more than 40 products are sold per month, switching to Pro is the lowest cost.

Selling at 2020 Amazon Fees

These are called selling fees, as they apply to every transaction. According to the Amazon Commission Fee Plan, sellers pay some of these fees for each new order. Commissions depending on subscription type, category and product you sell:

As mentioned above, the price per item for sellers with an Individual plan is $ 0.99.

Closing fee for media products is $ 1.8

The recommendation commission is usually 15% of the sales price. For example;

In the shoes, bags and sunglasses product group, it has been reduced from 18% to 15% in products over 75 USD.

For outdoor furniture that has become a part of the furniture category, it has been reduced from 15% to 10% for products over USD 200.

In personal care appliances, it has been reduced from 15% to 8% for products under $ 10.

With the last update, it is 17% for Activewear (sportswear), which is part of the Clothing and Accessories category.

2020 Amazon FBA Fees

There have been changes in many commissions paid by sellers using the FBA program, which is Amazon's storage and shipping service.

You can use the FBA Revenue Calculator to quickly calculate your expenses arising from the FBA service.

You can view the FBA Fee changes in the table below.

2020 Amazon FBA Fees