If you are an exporter on Alibaba.com, the world's largest b2b e-commerce platform, one of the issues you should pay attention to is member score. So what are the factors affecting the member score?

First of all, the frequency of logging into the Alibaba.com seller platform comes first, so there is a significant relationship between the number of days you log into the platform and your seller rating. Second, the number of your products, their timeliness and efficiency comes. What is meant by efficiency; The products you enter while uploading products on the Alibaba platform are subject to the quality of the images entered over 5, the detail of the product description, etc. It is scored over 5 based on situations such as. Keeping this score high will increase efficiency and indirectly have a positive effect on your member score.

Among the factors that affect your member rating is accessibility. In other words, it is to respond to the requests and messages that your customers or potential customers send to you as much as possible and to be fast while doing this. So much so that this factor is the part that potential buyers who visit your store or product in Alibaba see under the name of "response rate" and have the first idea about you.

The last factor we will talk about is the duration of online stay in Trade Manager.

If we talk about Trade Manager in short, it is an application that allows you to receive incoming requests as a notification instantly and allows you to message. If you install Trade Manager, a symbol indicating that you are online is displayed in your product lists on the platform. All of these also affect your member rating on Alibaba.com.

Author: Samed Güzel