How to protect your brand while selling on Amazon is one of the most frequently asked questions.

To answer this question, we first need to talk about Amazon's intellectual property policy.

In order to protect the experience of its sellers and brands, Amazon does not allow any listings that violate the intellectual property rights of rights holders.

Owning copyright is an important element to protect intellectual property.

To have copyright, it is necessary to be the creator of an original work. If pictures of your products were taken by you while selling on Amazon, you usually own the copyright.

Therefore, you do not need any permission to use these photos in your product listing, and you are reserved for these photos.

However, when using these photos in your product listing, you are giving Amazon and its affiliates permission to use the material.

Owning a trademark is one of the most fundamental steps taken to protect your brand. In this way, your brand is protected against third parties and unauthorized persons in line with trademark laws.

Owning a trademark before starting your sales on Amazon prevents abuse of your brand.

Similarly, Amazon has launched an in-house Brand Registration program. There are several advantages to enrolling in this program.

Among the conditions required to register to the Amazon Brand Registry program; an actively registered trademark, being able to verify that you are the owner of the trademark and you have an Amazon account.

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Author: Bilge ŞAHİN