Twitter Account of Jeff Bezos, Owner of Amazon, Stolen

Bitcoin earthquake on Twitter!

Hackers hacked the account of the name and brand that had many high followers on Twitter and used these accounts for bitcoin fraud. In the posts made from the captured accounts, tweets were made that the information of an anonymous Bitcoin address was given and that if money was sent to the address in question, 2 thousand dollars would be paid for every 1000 dollars within 2 hours.

The Twitter account of Jeff Bezos, owner of, which has an important place in E-Export, has been locked. This indicates that the account has not yet been returned to Jeff Bezos.

It is noteworthy that all the stolen accounts are approved accounts (accounts with a blue tick).

The names determined whose account has been seized:


Kanye west

Joe biden

Bill gates


Jeff Bezos

Ellen Musk


Mike bloomberg

Floyd Mayweather

Barack obama

HQ Trivia

Warren buffet

Kim kardashian

The accounts were shared about the bitcoin withdrawal and were asked to click on the links.

The main target of the attack is not celebrity twitter accounts!

The main target of the attack was millions of users following celebrities. The fact that a serious flow of money occurred shortly after the attack took place shows that it was successful in a short time.

After the incident, Twitter Owner Disclosed!

Twitter boss Jack Dorsey,

“With the social engineering method, the target in the coordinated attacks was Twitter employees who have the right to directly access the internal systems of the company. With this access, they took control of some verified accounts. Apart from that, we are examining for what purpose they made this leak. As soon as we noticed the incident, we locked the accounts in question and removed the attackers' tweets. "

Found in the description

The stolen twitter accounts are locked. This indicates that the account has not yet been returned to its owners.

So how could this happen!

It is noteworthy that the leak was caused by a control panel accessible to some Twitter employees. It is also possible to easily access approved Twitter accounts directly through this panel. Another striking point is that Twitter employees can log into an account and tweet through this panel.

Statement from the FBI!

A statement came from the FBI. “Today we noticed some Twitter accounts belonging to high profile people being stolen. Accounts appear to have been compromised for cryptocurrency scams. Regarding this incident, we suggest our people not to fall victim to this fraud by sending crypto money. "

Last year, Twitter's CEO Jack Dorsey's account was stolen and hackers who took over the account posted racist messages and bombing threats. The shared posts claimed that Twitter's San Francisco headquarters would be bombed.