What should we do to sell correctly in the marketplaces?

First of all, we should work with reports. The analysis statistics report is a planning that helps you achieve higher income by using a correct sales technique while you reach beyond the borders, that is, when exporting to e. First of all, we must determine your target products. Then we must determine our investment expenditures. We must determine our monthly expense tables. What kind of staff, what kind of marketing expense should it be? We must learn these. In short, after determining our monthly fixed expenses, it is our main goal to create the healthiest sales route we will draw. What if we don't do these things? We continue to be one of the countless unsuccessful e-shops in their marketplace. As everything passes through planned and regular work, if we want to reach more people and make more sales, of course, we must proceed with a planned and regular working system.

The main point of this business is to buy from aliaba.com and sell on amazon.com or global marketplaces. Every year, 150 million users pay $ 100 to amazon.com and amazon.com earns $ 150 billion per minute. You should also benefit from this huge pool in the marketplace. 53 out of every 100 purchases are made on amazon.com. Amazon has been working with more than 1 million people recently. Amazon is currently one of the most valuable companies in the world. There are companies with a monthly turnover of more than $ 10 million by selling on Amazon. Our goal is to choose which one among Amazon, e-buy, etsy and many online marketplaces is the right center for you. We provide this with the planning and reporting we make. Our main job is to do the basic planning in your financial statements and also manage your accounts when you are completely ready to sell.

Why is Alibaba.com important?

We are facing the reality of Alibaba. Turkey, especially in the textile, chemist and cosmetologist of 16 years is a wholesale marketplace over the years and he did not actively shopping. Recently, we realize that jewelery and precious metallists have been seen a lot. Turkey, the covered market than they sell precious metals in the world and very successful. Founded in 1999, Ali Board provides you with a great digital visual communication. We all know that he leads the world's businesses. 70% of the products in the world marketplaces are purchased directly from alibaba.com. According to the TEPAV July 2017 study; Turkey, in particular in cross-border e-commerce is lagging behind rival countries narrow the range of exports. Our aim is to increase your sales by making analysis statistics of this contraction and to deliver your products to a wider range of customers. How would you like to join us and reach beyond borders easily?