All over the world the effects of a pandemic process for negative developments in exports and the contraction in trade volumes, joined the new normal e-Export and to stimulate the economy implications of interviewed a video conference GAGİAD Chairman Cihan Kocer and E Export Turkey President Mert as Tancig the speaker.

Stating that it is possible to reach distances that cannot be reached in trade with e-export, GAGİAD President Cihan Koçer said; “Our association has been trying to raise awareness for both our city and country from economy to education, from culture to sports for 27 years and to produce projects on these issues. Since Gaziantep is an industrial city, export is a very important issue for us. In 2019 to 7 billion 471 million 526 thousand dollars of exports and we had a place we got ranked 6th in Turkey. This is a great pride for us. Export is very important not only for our region, but also for our country. The concept of e-export has become one of the most preferred forms of trade in our country and the world in terms of sellers, especially as a result of the rapidly increasing expansion of buyers in the last few years. The pandemic process made digitalization mandatory. With the support of digitalization, the obstacles to the borders and business opportunities of the countries to remain in a limited geography have been removed. As Gaziantep Young Businessmen Association, we want to open the export doors of those who want to export and trade, raise awareness and enable them to enter the market in digital environment ”.

digital conversion in the speech, described the E- export opportunities and AMZ as President of Turkey's founder Merten is the period in which Indian Tancig; “With the development of technology, we can say that digitalization in business life has increased at the same speed. Those who cannot catch up with today's technology and digitalization may not have a long and permanent place in the market. Turkey's cross-border e-commerce in particular lagging behind competitor countries, exports narrows the range. Other countries are expanding their range by using e-commerce. Therefore, we cannot think E-Commerce and E-Export independently from each other. If we look at the Gaziantep exports and growth really has a very important role and share in Turkey. With the efforts of both industrialists and exporters in the region, it has a successful path in this regard. During the pandemic process, a rapid contraction in the trade volume was prevented thanks to digital applications such as E-commerce and E-export. The countries that prepared the infrastructure of e-export long ago and closely followed the technological developments were very successful in adapting ”.