Revolutionary for exports, the exporters of all sizes in Turkey one step from the Commerce Department 'Easy Export Platform' came up with the name. To provide important contributions to Turkey's export potential exporters to the expected platform; They will be able to find trade routes with high potential suitable for their needs, recognize their competitors in the market, understand whether their product is suitable for the market, learn the legal regulations in the target market, and obtain an export plan specific to their company.



In addition to existing exporters, exporter candidates will also be able to log in to the Artificial Intelligence-supported Easy Export Platform with e-government password. The platform integrates with many international databases and provides instant data to exporters through live data flow. With all these features, it stands out as the most comprehensive and pioneering platform by far.


With the Easy Export Platform, every exporter and exporter candidate will now have a digital consultant working with artificial intelligence technology. It is aimed to integrate 90 thousand exporters and over 3 million SMEs into the system initially. On the platform opened to the use of the 1st phase companies; There are 6 modules: Smart Export Robot Module, Market Entry Map Module, Country Page Module, Sector Page Module, Export Cockpit Module and Legislation Module.


With 5 thousand 400 products and more than 1 million Market Entry Maps differentiated in 190 countries, exporters; comparative analysis of the most suitable market for its products, tax rates, non-tariff barriers and competitors in the market. In the current country and sector pages of the Easy Export Platform, the companies ask "Which market can I sell my product? or "What product is sold in this market?" Find answers to all your questions like.


The platform's Market Entry Map and Country Page modules will contain critical information about the target market. In addition, customs tax rates, non-tariff measures, samples of certificates of origin, information on agreements providing preferential trade conditions, current developments and details specified by our trade consultants abroad, changes and trends in import and export data on country and sector basis, mandatory documents in exports, basic market entry Almost any information that an exporter needs to enter the market, such as conditions, criteria and legislation, will be available to the exporter with the most effective visuals and in the most up-to-date form.


One of the main objectives of the Easy Export Platform is to produce tailor-made content for each company. Each company will have created its own web page on the platform. In addition, the system will be able to provide company-specific recommendations. Companies will be able to easily follow up-to-date news and events by quickly accessing their favorite country and industry pages.