The development with life at the same speed business Technology said the increased digitalisation Mani e-Export Turkey President Merten Tancig the technological trends and adapt to digitalize in business, the company can not keep up with the system said they could not find a place for themselves in the international market. He drew attention to the key importance of e-commerce and e-export in this technological transformation. Tanciğer stated that he will stop working with companies that cannot digitalize the trade of major markets in the world soon.

"16 percent even in Greece"

Stating that physical shopping has turned into trading in the digital environment through international e-commerce sites of American and Far East origin, Mert Tanciğer emphasized that companies from every sector that continue their business in this way can take their place in the market that has started to emerge in the world. E-export to Turkey's relatively low stated that Tancig's share of total exports, "America, China, Japan, we're behind quite a lot of countries with the largest slice of pie in this sector, such as Germany. 16 percent of exports even in Greece e- "It consists of trade."

"Complementing each other"

Emphasizing that e-commerce and e-export are interdependent, Tan Mariana said: "A country that does e-commerce well does e-export naturally. America's Amazon and China's Alibaba are the world. China's Aliexpress is number one in Russia, because of the strategic proximity of Russia and China and around 300,000 Russian citizens living within China's borders make Alibaba and Aliexpress very successful. It is in demand in European countries. "

"Its share is not even 1 percent"

Emphasizing that China is the world's largest exporter, Mert Tanciğer said, "China's exports to the world in 2019 were around 2.5 trillion dollars. 25 percent of this figure was provided by e-export. a portion of the e-exports, 15 percent of exports. exports to the worldwide last year's Germany 1 billion 500 million dollars. this money is 15 percent of email from exports. Turkey's exports to the world in general in 2019 to 180 billion 468 million dollars "The share of e-exports in this is not even 1 percent."

"Problems in family businesses hinder"

in other words, Turkey's e-commerce and e-exportation of lag family company pointed out that due to the problems in the functioning Mert Tancig in the low E-export share in total exports in Turkey, he continued: "It's still the beginning of the business family elders usually They do not look very favorably on these issues. They do not allocate the necessary expenses or budgets for these jobs. The new generation children also do not find courage to enter these jobs with the stress of father pressure. Among them there are those who invest a serious amount of capital and are very successful.

"We cooperate with leading companies"

Turkey's world of e-commerce pie to take a greater share of 'e-Export Turkey's called a union and a company called Amzhints 2 years ago Tancig stated that they have implemented, "Our goal in Turkey and exporting firms with e-commerce and he provides consulting services in e-export. We managed to achieve a lot in a very short period of time. We've added Turkey's most institutionalized leading firms among our customers. Our negotiations with Turkey now the region's largest companies are moving in a positive way, "the assessment found.

E-commerce university

Mentioning that another goal is to establish a university that provides e-commerce and e-export education, Mert Tanciğer said, "By agreeing with big companies, I want to ensure that students gain experience in these companies while they receive education. We have already started the necessary research for this."

State-sponsored service

Turkey provides services such as e-export companies what?

1- We are able to provide and Amazon marketplaces around the world, all data and figures in the target industry, including China and Japan.

2- We have support such as guiding service for wholesale sales on and participation in unreachable tenders abroad.

3- We enable product sales to Amazon and worldwide online marketplaces.

4- the best marketplace in Turkey, we determine the best strategy to make sales.

5- We have services such as website development and sales promotion tactics.

6- We draw a road map for those who want to establish a company abroad.

7- We prepare analysis, statistics and reports of target countries. Every service we provide is 60 percent state supported.