Points to Consider in Launching a New Product

Lansman is a word of French origin. It means to promote, reveal or exhibit. Launches are made today to promote a product, brand or a project. Launch processes always differ according to the purpose. As well as weekly launch events, we can also see launch events that last for months or years. Let's take a look at what we should pay attention to in general when launching a brand.

1.Determine Your Target Audience

You should determine your target audience in what process and how the launch will proceed. If we evaluate two important factors in determining your target audience, the products of your brand and how you determine the target audience. You should determine the demographic of the audience your brand appeals to and start the launch work. You can get the chance to capture your target audience by using many methods such as Events, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Linkled, E-mail marketing, Website ads or blog posts in determining your target audience.

2.Prepare for the demo

It's time to tell your target audience what your brand is doing. You should prepare newsletters in the form of visual or video specific to each platform. How your brand touches people and how they make their lives easier. You can also include the features that distinguish your brand from other brands in the promotion.

3.Work as a Team

Keeping in-company communication tight during the launch processes enables you to gain new ideas and different perspectives. Get constant feedback and different opinions about the launch. Put ideas into action to prepare the final launch. Never forget that there is a talented team behind a good launch and a successful brand.

4. Filter Your Target Audience

It's time to filter the target audience that we have captured with the methods we have determined. With the A / B tests we carry out over the target audience, we must determine the target audience, which is our target, as a special target audience. We must constantly protect the target audience that exists at our launch and strive to catch new target audiences with different methods.


Although you have reached a certain segment after the launch, you need to continue your launch activities at regular intervals. With feedback from customers, you may need to make new launch ideas or make changes to your existing launch. These studies will help you how to plan a launch in the future. We wish you good luck and mass for your launch.

Author: İhsan Emsalsiz