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Founder of Alibaba?

It is Jack Ma who came out of a Chinese low-income family and won the title of the richest businessperson in China. Jack Ma was born in 1964 and founded on April 4, 1999, with a turnover of 76 billion dollars and a net income of 24 billion dollars, which manages a transaction volume more than all the income of many countries in the world. One of Jack Ma’s most popular stories is his failure story; Topics such as receiving 10 rejections from Harvard, being rejected from 30 companies where he applied for a job, and being the only person rejected by KFC out of 24 applications are a few Jack Ma failures almost all of us are familiar with. So what did Jack Ma build Alibaba for, struggling with more failures than the average person can afford?

What is Alibaba? What Does It Do?

"Global trade starts here!" Wholesale import and export transactions between companies (abbreviated as B2B in English) are carried out through the Alibaba platform, which started with the slogan. In addition to the realization of wholesale shopping between companies, it has been made possible for the end consumer to shop with the Aliexpress platform, we will consider this platform under a separate heading. Going back to Alibaba, its name so although Turkey or it may seem like there's a connection with the Turkish company's enterprise or partnership structure does not have any connection with Turkey, but if we talk about the activities in Alibaba, Turkey, in 2008, Alibaba Turkey ' has also been operational. With the arrival of Alibaba, which has significantly accelerated the growth of the export volumes of Turkish SMEs, many SMEs made their first export.

Alibaba in numbers!

To take a brief look at the numerical data of Alibaba, the world's largest B2B trade platform:

Operating in more than 200 countries, Alibaba has 3.5 million sales companies. Alibaba, which had 21,930 employees in 2012, reached 117,600 employees by 2020.

If we talk about the number of daily orders received through Alibaba, this number, which was 254 million in 2013, reached 1 billion 292 million as of 2019.Alibaba, which had 231 million active customers in 2013, quadrupled this number by 2019 and reached 960 million active customers.

What is Aliexpress?

AliExpress was established in 2010, enabling individuals who are end consumers to shop as well as trade between wholesale companies and enables users to find products at a cheaper price compared to Amazon and eBay.

Millions of product meet with buyers on the platform, where thousands of merchants gather under one roof. Shopping on AliExpress is extremely easy. Just as you subscribe to e-commerce platforms such as N11, Morhipo, Hepsiburada and purchase the product you added to the basket, you can easily perform the same transactions on AliExpress.

What is Singles' Day?

Lonely Day is the day that people all over the world celebrate as online and offline shopping day on November 11 every year. In 2018, Alibaba set an enormous record with sales of $ 30.7 billion.