What is Amazon?
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What is Amazon?

What is Amazon?

Amazon was founded in 1994 by Jeff Bezos as a sales site. Established as a book site when it was first established, Amazon has become the world's largest e-commerce site in terms of sales volume and market value. This company, which continues to grow steadily every year, has achieved the title of "The World's Most Valuable Brand" in 2019. Amazon, which started operating in our country in 2018, actively sells in 3 continents, 19 countries according to 2020 data. In addition, Amazon.com is the second company to reach a market value of $ 1 trillion on September 4, 2018, after Apple. Having achieved a growth of 20% in 2019, Amazon managed to attract attention by achieving a growth of 26% in the first quarter of 2020 compared to the previous year. So what was the secret of this unrelenting success for years?

When we look at the reasons for this success of Amazon, we see that Jeff Bezos has a big share in getting the company to where it is. Jeff Bezos saw the future of the internet even when he was just selling books, and with the decisions he made, he actually created the current state of the company. Amazon is actually a company that has proven itself in many areas and still continues to grow. In addition, there are many opportunities that Amazon offers to its customers and sellers. The most important of these are FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon) and Prime membership system. FBA is the system in which the storage, packaging, shipping and customer service of the product is done by Amazon for a certain commission. For example; The seller ships his product to any Amazon warehouse and delivers Amazon products to their location when the sale is made, and the product is delivered. However, in the possible return process, Amazon undertakes the return processes. Prime membership is a system where you get free shipping all year for $ 99 per year.

FBM (Fulfilled by Merchant): It is the type of sales you are responsible for shipping your products, not on Amazon.

MFN (Merchant Fulfilled Network): It is a type of sales that is a network sale carried out by the seller.

In addition to marketing, it exists in the internet ecosystem with many web services and provides benefits to users in many areas. If we examine these services;

AWS: Called Amazon Web Services (AWS), it is the world's most used and comprehensive cloud computing platform. Leaving behind platforms such as Microsoft, Google and Alibaba Cloud, it continues to lead in cloud computing in this field.

Twitch: It is a live streaming platform focused on e-sports and video games. It was purchased by Amazon for $ 970 million in 2014. It maintains its superior leadership against live broadcast platforms such as YouTube and MLG.

Amazon Prime Music: An online music store offered by Amazon. It connects many artists and genres around the world with users such as Spotify and Apple Music.

IMDb: Internet Movie Databese, shortly called IMDb, is an online database that contains information about movies and series in all countries that exist so far.

Amazon Logistics: It is the system where Amazon stores the product on behalf of the seller and performs packaging and shipping operations.

With online services such as Amazon Pay, Audible, Amazon Alexa and Amazon Kindle, Amazon continues to dominate the ecosystem with its data not only in the marketing area but also in many areas.

Take Amazon's Data

Amazon's turnover in 2019 is 280 billion dollars.

As of 2020, there are approximately 112 million Prime members in the USA. Worldwide, this figure is 150 million.

The total number of employees at Amazon is 500 thousand.

The number of new sellers coming every year is 800 thousand.

Approximately 55% of online sales in America are made via Amazon.

The total number of members is 500 million according to the latest data.

Amazon is the 12th most traffic website in the world and the 4th in the USA. In total, it attracts 2.3 billion traffic per month.

The company, which is approaching the point of exceeding the 1 trillion dollar threshold according to 2020 year data, is always aiming to grow more; Factors such as increasing the share of the company's decisions in the markets it is in, enable Amazon to have much greater potential. Attracting attention with its vendor and customer satisfaction, and its constant preference for the future, Amazon seems to remain the leader in its field.